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Joan C. Wargo

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Joan C. Wargo
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Joan Clapper Wargo was born on March 22, 1935. In 1955 she met Andrew Wargo, and they were married in 1960. Joan was a wonderful mother to her children Timothy, David, Daniel, Elizabeth, and Jennifer.

Joan was a woman of principal.  She spent her life as a teacher and a healer.  She was a proponent of peace, and loved all living creatures.  Joan and Andrew instilled in their children a deep appreciation for human life and a dedication for lifelong learning. 

Joan worked full-time as a visiting nurse until April of 2006 when she was diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic cancer.  She received state-of-the-art cancer care but the cancer continued to grow.  She died peacefully at home from pancreatic cancer on Friday, August 4th 2006.

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